May 31, 2019


Clients, rescues, and friends:

Thank you for your patience and understanding during our restructuring period. Our management team and our staff have been working hard to make changes that will increase the quality of patient care and customer service to better meet your expectations. These changes have been based on suggestions received over time from our clients. Major changes are as follows:


The Rascal Animal Hospital will move to a “same-day appointment” model for sick patients. A major recurring complaint is the long waits created by our prior walk-in system. This affected the customer experience and promptness of attention to the patient’s need. Pet owners and rescues will be asked to call ahead or email our appointment address to request a same-day appointment. We have chosen to limit the number of patients seen to ensure timelier service and allow our staff more time to spend with each patient. We understand that this change means that not every patient may be able to be seen on any particular day, but as we continue to grow, we hope to add more appointment times to increase the number of patients served.


We will continue to accept transfers from other veterinary clinics, as well as emergency transfers from MedVet and OSU, but surgical transfers will depend on doctor availability. We do not want to accept patients and delay their surgical care due to a large load when they may already be at a facility that can provide the service more promptly.


We will continue to triage and evaluate emergencies at our facility based on doctor availability. The triage system will include a $30 triage evaluation. The patient will be brought to the treatment area by a technician and evaluated by one of our doctors, who will then either make a recommendation to stay for emergency exam, come back the next day (will be scheduled by our staff), receive treatment, or be referred to an emergency hospital. The $30 triage exam will be applied towards our $50 exam in the event the patient stays at the hospital or returns the next day.


Boosters and rechecks will be by appointment, and these appointments can be made at the time of the original service. Our staff will help you schedule a time for your pet to be seen during the recommended recheck time period.


The Rascal Animal Hospital will be conducting wellness clinics with the Rascal Unit. In addition to our current Rascal Unit clinics, we will be increasing the frequency of the wellness clinics to better accommodate wellness patients. We will also be conducting Rascal Animal Hospital appointments with the help of the Rascal Unit vehicle to facilitate appointments for patients that may need an area away from other animals (i.e. puppies/kittens, fearful or aggressive pets). Information on these clinics will be made available on both the hospital and Rascal Unit websites and our social media pages.


The Rascal Animal Hospital is moving towards becoming a Fear Free clinic. Our staff has begun training to improve the patient and customer experience by making the visits less stressful and more relaxed. We hope to achieve this by utilizing the Fear Free model. One big change is the creation of areas designated for dogs and for cats as well as exam rooms used primarily for one species or the other. With the aid of soothing music and pheromone treatments, we hope to help calm our patients and decrease their anxiety as much as possible during their time in the exam room.


These are major changes to the way we have practiced for the last 8 years, and we know there will be some adjustments that will need to be made as we move forward. We value our client’s input and welcome suggestions or comments about your experience at Rascal. Thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback.




A Michelle Gonzalez, DVM (owner)

Rascal Animal Hospital, LLC