Pricing Information

The Rascal Animal Hospital and Emergency Care is open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week year-round. A veterinarian is always on site to provide care to hospitalized patients and to receive daytime and after hours emergencies as well as walk-ins.

*** Pricing is subject to change ***

Office / Exam fees:

Wellness exam (vaccines, yearly exams, dental exams): $15

Comprehensive exam (sick, extensive evaluation, extended consultation): $30

*Daytime walk-in fee (8 a.m. to 7 p.m.): $15

*After hours (7 p.m. to 8 a.m.) and holiday walk-in fee: $35

Drop-off fee / Day board: $10

Bloodwork only office fee: $3 (for blood testing that does not require an exam)

Technician Appointment (does not require a vet exam): $5

Nail Trim: $5-10 (fractious pets may have sedation charges)

Anal Sac Expression: $15

Individuals with 2 or more sick pets from the same household in the same visit will pay $30

for the first pet and $25 for the additional pets.

*Daytime and After-Hours fees apply on a per pet basis, not per client. These fees are in addition to the examination fees.


Dogs:                           Cats:

   DHLPP  $10              FVRCP  $10

 Bordetella  $11         Leukemia $13

   Lyme Disease $25                                           .

Rabies (1 or 3 year): $8

Replacement Rabies Tag (current year only): $5.00

Microchips (Save This Life): $25

Routine Laboratory Testing:

4DX (Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma): $18

Fecal Exam: $18

Canine Junior Wellness (7 years or younger): $50

Feline Junior Wellness test (7 years or younger): $86

Canine Senior Wellness with 4DX (7 years or older): $106

Feline Senior Wellness with FeLV/FIV test (7 years or older): $130

Pre-Anesthetic Profile: $45-80

Feline Leukemia and FIV testing: $35

Spay / Neuter Fees:


                               Female              Male

Up to 20 lbs             $90                  $80

20 to 40 lbs             $95                  $85

40 to 60 lbs           $100                  $90

60 to 80 lbs             $110                  $100

80 to 100 lbs           $120                  $110

100 to 150 lbs         $140                  $140

Over 150 lbs            $165                  $165

Cats:                        $45                  $35

Feral / Stray cats can receive an ear notch upon caretaker request at no additional charge. This will help identify the cat as already altered in the event another individual or group traps it for sterilization.

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs: $90 for both males and females

Rats, Sugar Gliders: $90 males only

Pot Belly Pigs: Pricing same as dogs plus $15. Weight limit 60 lbs.

Additional Charges apply for pregnant pets, dogs in heat, and cryptorchid males (retained testicle). Full estimate will be given when you drop off. Proof of current Rabies vaccine is required for all elective procedures (spay, neuter, cat front declaw). Proof must be in the form of a vaccine certificate or acceptable printed receipt from a licensed veterinarian showing owner, patient information, and veterinarian information. If we are unable to verify proof of Rabies vaccination, we will administer the vaccine for $7.00

C-Sections: Estimate based on condition and size of dog (average $250-500). 

All C-Section patients will be sterilized at the time of surgery.

Rascal Animal Hospital surgeons perform cat declaws with a laser. RAH has invested in CO2 laser technology to provide better surgical care as well as less surgical pain and decreased hospital stay. For more information or questions please email

Declawing should only be done as a last resort and, if done, proper pain control is extremely important. At Rascal Animal Hospital pain medication is not optional. Please watch this video from the AVMA or read the AVMA Flyer to learn more about the procedure and how to decrease discomfort if done. Whenever possible, please consider humane alternatives to this procedure. We reserve the right to refuse declawing procedures to patients based on age, health condition or other risks.

AVMA Flyer on Declawing

Dogs rear dewclaw removal: $15-45 per side plus sedation/anesthesia

(We do not remove front dewclaws unless medically necessary)

*Additional charges apply for pain medication and preanesthetic bloodwork based on patient age and size*

Individuals with proof of current government financial assistance and full time college students (current enrollment in 16 or more credit hours) may qualify for $40 discount off the dog spay/neuter pricing. Picture id required.

Dental Procedures:

Dental Cleaning (includes anesthesia time): $65-135

IV Catheter and Fluids: $35

Pre-Anesthetic bloodwork*: $40 - 90

Dental radiographs: $50

Extractions (depends on severity): Range $10-25 per tooth

Antibiotics: Range $12 to $50

Retained puppy teeth extractions: $10-40 ($40 max regardless of number of puppy teeth present)

Pain medication: $12-40

Additional charges may apply if pet requires other procedures such as gingival flaps, abcess treatment, or other therapies

*Bloodwork is optional for patients under age of 7 years old with minimal dental disease. Old, sick, and debilitated patient as well as patients with severe dental disease must have bloodwork prior to anesthesia.

Advanced Surgical Procedures:

The Rascal Animal Hospital is able to provide a variety of soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries including entropion correction, cherry eye replacement, cranial cruciate tear stabilization, patellar luxation repair, fracture repair and abdominal exploratory. Due to the many factors affecting the final estimate we cannot give accurate price estimates over the phone. All pets must be examined by one of our doctors prior to scheduling a procedure unless they are being referred by another veterinary facility. If a staff member offers you a range over the phone, please keep in mind this is based on average. Your pet’s procedure may be lower or higher than any amount given over the phone. If the procedure your pet requires cannot be provided at our facility, we will give you referral information for continued care.

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