Spay / Neuter Price Discount Guidelines

 As a way to help pet owners find an affordable way to sterilize their pets, the Rascal Animal Hospital offers a $40 discount below the regular price for dog spay/neuter surgeries. The guidelines are listed below and individuals must show the proof of qualification and a government issued picture id at drop off or full payment will be expected. Information and credit will not be applied after the day of the procedure.

1. Section 8 housing voucher

2. Schedule letter from Ohio Works First

3. Ohio Medicaid card

4. Letter from Veteran Benefits Administration acknowledging service-related disability

5. Ohio Direction Card (for food stamps)

6. WIC card (Women Infants and Children nutrition program)

7. Benefit letter documenting Supplemental Security Income

8. Benefit letter documenting assistance from Social Security Disability

9. Certificate of adoption showing that the animal was adopted from a licensed animal shelter, pound or non-profit organization.

10. Tax return showing owner’s family income does not exceed 150% of the federal poverty guideline. (must present a completed tax return for the previous year, not a W-2).

Click here for flyer with spay/neuter pricing and discount information