CT Scan

Introducing CT Scans (Veterinary Computed Tomography)

What are CT Scans?

CT Scans are advanced imaging studies that allow visualization of the bones and tissues inside the body in a non-invasive way. Unlike radiographs that create a 2-dimensional image of the entire region, a CT image is comprised of hundreds of image slices in 3 planes. This allows us to evaluate each organ or bone better. Pricing for CT scans at the Rascal Animal Hospital range from $300-800, including anesthesia and radiologist review. Shelter discounts available for animals in rescue.

Vimago CT

The Vimago CT also allows us to create 3D images, which helps us better identify lesions and assist the surgeon in creating a surgical approach plan.

Patients are under anesthesia during the procedure, which takes approximately 20-30 minutes from induction to recovery. The scans take an average of 30 seconds per section.

CT studies can be sent to our radiologist for evaluation or forwarded to your regular veterinarian or specialist for continued care.

Thank you to the Tortorella Foundation

The Rascal Animal Hospital was able to secure funding for this equipment thanks to the generosity of the Tortorella Foundation. They have provided us with a limited grant available for qualifying individuals in need of financial assistance. Applications for reduced pricing CT procedures under the Tortorella Foundation grant are available upon request while funding is available. Check out the video below to learn more about our machine.