Helpful information for pet owners

Resources for Pet Owners

Covid Information
As the news continues to develop surrounding the current pandemic in our community, we wanted to take a moment to provide some updates on what we are doing to keep you and your pets safe. Fortunately, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) have provided research which indicates that cats, dogs, and other domestic animals are not at-risk for contracting COVID-19. However, we have been taking a series of additional precautions to ensure the health and safety of the humans within our facility is not compromised.

We are open, and our plan is to remain open to provide you and your pet with the care and services he or she may need.

As such, here’s our plan:

Because we know you count on us, our clinic has increased the number of appointments available, as well as same day urgent care and emergency exams. Because of the increase in safety protocols and the nature of urgent/emergency care, appointment times are not guaranteed.
Health and safety are our top priority. We are decreasing the contact between our staff and our clients by minimizing access to the lobby and rooms. We have also increased the cleaning and disinfection protocols to decrease the risk of contact with infectious agents.

If you have an appointment and are feeling under the weather, please send your pet with a friend or family member to decrease exposure. Our checking in and out process is being done primarily by phone and clients are given a direct line number when they arrive to ease accessibility and communications.

If you have questions, please feel free to send us a message in the comments or via private message. Keep in mind that the messages are not monitored 24/7, so do not wait for a response and seek medical care immediately if you are experiencing an emergency with your pet.

Stay safe!

Rabbit Care Information

Learn about the top 10 things you should know about your rabbit here.

Healthy Pet

Information for pet owners provided by the American Animal Hospital Association. Learn more here.

American Heartworm Society

Information regarding Heartworm disease, how it is transmitted and how to prevent it. Learn more here.

Vetra 3D

The one-minute flea and tick routine. Learn more here.

ASPCA Health Insurance

When the unexpected happens, pet insurance can help save you from having to say no to the care your pet needs because of cost. Visit ASPCA’s website for health insurance here.

First Aid App

Be prepared to help your furry friends with veterinary advice for everyday emergencies. Get the Red Cross mobile app for pet first aid here.

Veterinary Partner

Excellent source of information for pet owners on pet diseases, conditions, and general care. Learn more here.

Balanced Home Cooked Meal Links
When cooking for your pets, it is important to make sure they have a complete and balanced diet as well as one made with their individual needs in mind. The following websites provide diets and supplements for individuals interested in making food for their pets at home.

Visit or for more information.

Pet Preparedness

Are you prepared in the event of an emergency? Learn more on how to prepare you and your pets here.