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Emergency & Urgent Care

Emergencies can happen all hours of the day, which is why emergency and urgent care is available during operating hours. We know your pet is very important to you: a companion, a friend, a confidante, and a member of your family. And, like any family member, your pet deserves the finest possible care. In the event of an emergency, please contact us immediately at 614-791-7729.


Wellness Exams:
Wellness Exam for vaccine or general healthy check up (does not include wellness procedures or vaccines): $25 for first pet, $20 each additional pet during same time. (8am-8pm)

Holiday Wellness Exam:
$50 for first pet, $45 for each additional pet during same time (8am-8pm)

Comprehensive Exams:
Comprehensive Exam (sick, extensive evaluation, extended consultation): $50, $42.50 for additional pets in same visit (8am-8pm)

Holiday Comprehensive Exam:
$70 for first pet, $62.50 for each additional pet at the same visit (8am-8pm)

Recheck Exams:
Recheck exams are $25.00. This fee is only valid during the recheck exam range recommended by the doctor and only for concerns related to the original examination. Patients presented for recheck exams outside of the recheck dates requested by the doctor, or presenting with new problems or concerns will be charged a regular examination fee.


Regular vaccinations are one of the cornerstones of good preventive health care for dogs and cats. When administered by your veterinarian, vaccines provide cost-effective protection against infectious and contagious diseases for both pets and people. Vaccines help prevent many contagious illnesses, including ones that can be fatal, that pets may encounter if they are outdoors at all, socialize with other animals in public places, or travel with you.

Bordetella $15
Lyme Disease $30
Canine Influenza: $38

Leukemia $20

Rabies Vaccine (1 or 3 yr): $12

Replacement Rabies Tag (current year only): $5.00

Lab Testing

We use in-house and outside laboratories, which allows us to diagnose your pet’s health. This enables us to diagnose diseases and treat them in real-time, without the wait. The faster we are able to diagnose your pet’s health issue, the faster we can treat it!

4DX (Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma): $20

Fecal Exam: $35

Canine Junior Wellness with 4Dx (7 years or younger): $55

Feline Junior Wellness test with Heartworm and FeLV/FIV (7 years or younger): $82

Canine Senior Wellness with 4DX (7 years or older): $115

Feline Senior Wellness with FeLV/FIV test (7 years or older): $129

Pre-Anesthetic Profile: $45-80

Feline Leukemia and FIV testing: $40

Dental Procedures

Your pet’s oral health assessment, treatment, and prevention start with periodic assessments from our veterinarians. Do not wait until your pet’s breath becomes unbearable. Maintaining strong dental health and a regular cleaning program assures that your pet’s mouth and teeth will remain in excellent condition and help prevent infections.

Dental estimates are provided as a range upon examination since the actual needs of each individual patient are not known until the patient has a thorough examination and radiographs under anesthesia. The average dental range is $375-600 but can be as high as $700. Dental procedures include:

Dental Cleaning

Extractions if indicated

Anesthesia time

IV Catheter and Fluids

Pre-Anesthetic bloodwork

ECG with Cardiologist review if indicated

CT Scans

Antibiotics if indicated

Pain medication if indicated

Additional procedures as needed including gingival flaps, abcess treatment, or other therapies.

Learn more here.

24/hr patient care

Like any family member, your pet deserves the finest possible care. Rascal Animal Hospital has an overnight staff to ensure your pets are always taken care of.

Technician Appointments

Technician appointments are $9.00 and are available for procedures and testing which do not require a doctor. These include nail trims, anal sac expression, collecting bloodwork (individual testing fees apply), and some vaccination boosters. If a pet is presented for a tech appointment that requires a doctor (i.e. ruptured anal sac or torn nail) a regular examination fee will be charged.

Drop-off fee / Day board: $10

Nail Trim: $11-15 (fractious pets may incur sedation charges)

Anal Sac Expression: $17

After Hours surgery fee: $250. The Rascal Animal Hospital will provide overnight emergency surgery (if a surgeon is available) for patients referred from OSU and MedVet that can not wait until the next day for surgery. This includes, but is not limited to, emergency c-section/spay and intestinal obstruction.

*Daytime and After-Hours fees apply on a per pet basis, not per client. These fees are in addition to the examination fees.

Payment is required at time of service.


A microchip is about the size and shape of a grain of rice and is placed underneath your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades. Microchip implantation takes only a few minutes and is very safe. A microchip contains an identification number that can be used to locate the registered owner.

We use (Save This Life): $28

Spay / Neuter

*** Pet Owners meeting government assistance guidelines qualify for spay/neuter discounts for dogs ***

Click here for information


Up to 20 lbs | F: $105 M: $95
20 to 40 lbs | F: $110 M: $100
40 to 60 lbs | F: $115 M: $105
60 to 80 lbs | F: $125 M: $115
80 to 100 lbs  | F: $135 M: $125
100 to 150 lbs. | F: $155 M: $155
Over 150 lbs | F:$180 M: $180

F: $50 M: $40

Feral / Stray cats can receive an ear notch upon caretaker request at no additional charge. This will help identify the cat as already altered if another individual or group traps it for sterilization. Additional Charges apply for pregnant pets, dogs in heat, and cryptorchid males (retained testicle). A full estimate will be given when you drop off. Proof of current Rabies vaccine is required for all elective procedures (spay, neuter, cat front declaw). Proof must be in the form of a vaccine certificate or acceptable printed receipt from a licensed veterinarian showing owner, patient information, and veterinarian information. If we are unable to verify proof of Rabies vaccination, we will administer the vaccine for $12.00

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs: $90 for both males and females

Rats: $90 males & females
Sugar Gliders:
$90 males only

Pot Belly Pigs: Pricing same as dogs plus $20. Weight limit 60 lbs.

C-Sections: Estimate based on condition and size of dog (average $250-500).

All C-Section patients will be sterilized at the time of surgery.

Dogs rear dewclaw removal: $30-50 per side plus sedation/anesthesia

(We do not remove front dewclaws unless medically necessary)

*Additional charges apply for pain medication and pre-anesthetic bloodwork based on patient age and size*

CT Scans

Rascal Animal Hospital is delighted to offer state-of-the-art Computed Tomography (CT) scanning and diagnostic services to our veterinary community in the Dublin area. CT Scans are advanced imaging studies that allow visualization of the bones and tissues inside the body in a non-invasive way. Unlike radiographs that create a 2-dimensional image of the entire region, a CT image is comprised of hundreds of image slices in 3 planes. This allows us to evaluate each organ or bone better. CT scans at the Rascal Animal Hospital range from $300-800 including anesthesia and radiologist review. Learn more here.

Information on cat declawing

At the Rascal Animal Hospital, we no longer perform cat declaws. This is usually an unnecessary procedure with many possible complications. It also leaves cats defenseless in the event they escape or are allowed to be indoor/outdoor or outdoor only. Cats are more likely to develop behavioral problems (aggression, fear, urine marking) after declawing procedures. There are many safe alternatives for declawing and they can be found at AVMA Flyer on Declawing.


The Rascal Unit

For wellness and vaccines, we recommend using the Rascal Unit mobile wellness services available each month throughout Columbus. The schedule is available at www.rascalunit.com

If you have any questions or would like more information on how we can care for your pet, please contact us today.

Pricing and Payment Options

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We accept the following forms of payment:

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Cash & Checks

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